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Develop Market Access Strategy

  • Review planned activity & identify gaps
  • Develop pricing and HTA strategy
  • Maximise pre-licence activities

Review of clinical trial programme

  • Assess gaps for HTA
  • Design RWE studies to fill gaps
  • Development of MA materials

Other Services

Due diligence and investment support, Field force training, Workshops for Senior Management, Joint Working Initiatives and Patient Access Schemes, Recruitment of MA teams.


  • Over 18 years of market access experience in a large pharmaceutical company, Jane Griffin has been responsible for the market access strategy for multiple products including the leading brand in the R3 market (Spiriva);
  • Jane has a proven track record of successful HTA submissions and through her past membership of HTA bodies (AWMSG and New Drugs Committee of SMC) really understands how these bodies operate and think;
  • She has excellent contacts within industry and the NHS which can help optimize market access;
  • Jane Griffin Associates has been formed to ensure that pharmaceutical companies achieve the full potential of their products and investment and patients can have access to medicines they might otherwise be denied.